Seek Mental Wellbeing Course

Seek mental wellbeing adThis automated, 4 part series with Stephanie Hanson and long time colleague and soul friend, Jess Ryan, PPC, E-RYT integrates wisdom from Internal Family Systems Therapy, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, the polyvagal theory, and more. Course participants are introduced to the qualities of the Core Self, through pre-recorded discussions with the course instructors, and 4 movement/mindfulness practices to begin to integrate and embody these soul qualities: Curiosity, Calm, Creativity, and Centered.

In this course, you will:

  • learn to differentiate between coping and healing
  • use the recorded practices to increase your connection to the wisdom of your Core Self
  • gain access to supplemental materials including podcasts and Self-reflecting practices to support your learning

This course is available for purchase HERE through Seek Yoga Studio.

Look for the live-time Seek Mental Wellbeing Level 2 course coming in Spring 2021. We’ll introduce and practice with the second half of the 8C’s of Core Self: Compassion, Courage, Clarity, and Connection.

2 thoughts on “Seek Mental Wellbeing Course

  1. Stephanie,
    This looks like a wonderful class. Will you be offering it again over the summer or fall?

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