Yoga for Mental-Emotional Health Course

Devyn Jane Photography

Devyn Jane Photography

These 6-week sessions are geared toward those individuals who would like to add yoga to their treatment plan for relieving symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, or other emotional imbalances.

There is no scheduled start date for this class at this time. Please contact Stephanie to express your interest.

About the class

This is a “closed class,” which means registration takes place before the class begins, and that the same group of students are together for the 6 weeks of the session. For some people, this cuts down on one more “unexpected” factor, which could tend to be stressful for some, and no big deal at all for others. In class, we target symptoms of depression and anxiety primarily. Combining elements of Amy Weintraub’s LifeForce Yoga®, Shannon Paige’s Bhava Vinyasa, and other healing yogic traditions, we address (in a very general sense) the lethargic, heavy feeling common in depression, and the ungrounded, almost breathless quality of anxiety… and all that exists in between. Yoga puts these “mental disorders” into perspective as energetic imbalances, which occur in all of us from time to time. The class strives to help individuals return to a balanced state. Through this 6 week format, my hope is that students walk away with some tools that they can use at home to help themselves find relief from their symptoms.

The level of Asana (yogic postures) is basic. If you can breathe, you can participate in this class and reap its benefits. Mats and other yoga props are available to use at the studio, or you are very welcome to bring your own. Each 90 minute class includes some time for questions, however the focus is the practice of yoga – this is not a therapy groups where you would be expected to share any personal details. That being said, the sense of community that is created can be a nurturing, healing part of the experience.

2 thoughts on “Yoga for Mental-Emotional Health Course

  1. Stephanie,
    This looks like a wonderful class. Will you be offering it again over the summer or fall?

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