Healing and Wholeness

Something is missing.

You feel like there is this giant hole in your heart, your gut, your life… You feel detached. Uninterested. Distracted. Stressed. Or worse: the saddest you’ve ever felt. Hopeless. So alone. You cycle between franticly stressed and utterly exhausted.

You want clarity. Hope. Energy. Self-acceptance. To feel amazing in your body. You want to wake up from this fog.

You are ready for a change. You are ready to heal.

The first step

You may not realize it, but you have already begun your journey toward being well. The simple fact that you have arrived here – at this website – proves that some part of you knows exactly what to do. Deep within each of us – beyond the overwhelming emotion, the damaged relationships, beyond fear, guilt, or sadness – is a wellspring of healing. This core-Self is incredibly interested in not only helping you to feel better, but it also desires that we live our fullest, truest, most purposeful life possible.

As a counselor and therapeutic yoga practitioner, I blend the psychotherapeutic approaches of mindfulness and Internal Family Systems Therapy  with the healing power of yoga. As we work together, clients learn how to use their own internal resources in the body – such as breathing practices and body scans – to create a sense of safety, stability, and groundedness. Through this integrative process, clients cultivate a healthier relationship to all of the “Parts” of themselves, and are often able to release the burdens of outdated beliefs, fears, and even traumas from their internal system. Often, this healing work ripples out into the world, positively impacting the client’s relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. 

I welcome clients of all ages, all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and all genders and orientations to embark on their own personal journey toward healing.

Learn more about the counseling and therapeutic yoga services I provide and how to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation on my Work with Stephanie page.

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