Your Centered Self Retreat October 2017

YCS retreat banner

You’re invited to join Emily Siegel, LCSW, and me for a weekend away at Sunrise Ranch in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for much needed rest, yoga, meditation, and reflection time in beautiful natural surroundings with a focus on healing and wholeness.sunrise-ranchSound luxurious? It is. But it’s also necessary. Especially now.

Why retreat?

Each time I’ve had the great privilege to go on retreat – and yes, it is a privilege that I don’t take for granted – whether it has been focused on mindfulness practice, or yoga, or vision quest – I’ve returned changed. I’ve gone in with questions – BIG questions: meaning of life, my purpose, “who am I?” sorts of questions – and I’ve returned with answers… but not the typical answers that I would get if I asked these questions from the seat of my everyday-normal-wake-up-go-to-work-go-home-eat-go-to-sleep-life. No. In fact, going on retreat has prompted me to re-learn what it means to even ask a question.
ssr-lakeThe magic is in the the getting
away. Making space. The healing container and the community of fellow seekers. It’s in the tuning out the noise to tune in.

I don’t know about you, but for me the noise these days has gotten quite overwhelming. This is the time when many of us need the space, the time, and the container to re-imagine our own questions. To heal. To feel. To be. Not to be overly dramatic, but the future of our world – at least humanity’s fate – quite literally depends on people courageously engaging in their healing. That’s the big reason for retreat.

And then there’s the hot tub. And the lovingly prepared, delicious and nourishing, sustainably sourced meals. And the sleep…

Sound good? We think so. We’d love for you to join us…


Your Centered Self

A Self-centered retreat for healing and wholeness

October 27-30, 2017

At Sunrise Ranch

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Loveland, Colorado

Guided by Stephanie Hanson, LPC, E-RYT

And Emily Siegel, LCSW

This retreat has a two-part registration process: Program Tuition, and Accommodations are booked separately.

Program Tuition: $225 when registered by August 1st $275 after August 1st

NOTE: Registration will close September 15th

Accommodation/Food (booked separately with Sunrise Ranch): $225-$405

Join us for a weekend away intended to help you reconnect with your core Self. Enjoy “Self-ish” activities like yoga, mindfulness practices, guided reflection in nature, kirtan chanting with special guest Sara Rain, healing through experiential practices from Internal Family Systems Therapy, and much needed rest and relaxation.

Register Now!

or Contact Stephanie for more information


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