A Heart-Centered Sadhana

Heart-Centered Sadhana

A three-week study with Steph Long

Wednesdays from 6-8pm, February 26th through March 12th

At Blossom Yoga, 152 S. 2nd Street, Laramie

ImageAtma Hrdaye
Hrdayam mayi
Aham amrte
amrtem anandam


My true nature is the heart
The heart is my true nature
I am the bliss of the heart
The heart that I am is the unending
Bliss of oneness

Throughout the course human history, the heart has frequently taken a back seat to the reasoning power of the brain. Though referred to in many spiritual traditions as the seat of our intuition, we most often choose to ignore the heart’s wisdom and advice. Why? Because it has led us astray in the past: trusting – or even loving – someone we shouldn’t have, following a foolish dream that didn’t pan out, or taking on overwhelming feelings like pain, anger, grief, or sorrow.

And yet in the same breath, it sustains us, pumping blood around the body 1,000 times per day without our prompting or even one conscious thought. It allows for feelings of joy, exuberance, compassion, generosity… and love. We could not exist without it. It is a gift.

Yet many of us do not understand its immense power, or how to use this incredible resource for healing, for deeper connection in relationships, or for making a noticeable difference in a world in crisis.

In this three-week study, we’ll dive deep into the center of our being. We’ll explore some of the latest scientific studies related to heart health and the benefits of entering into a state of heart coherence. Together, we’ll engage in heart-centered yoga and meditation practices to benefit both the physical and energetic heart. We will learn to access its healing resources, improve our relationships with friends and family, and even spark global change with the power of our hearts’ collective intentions.


Wednesday, February 26th

My Heart

Learn how to enter into a state of coherence between the heart and the brain to help reduce the negative effects of stress, increase the body’s natural ability to heal and restore the body, and connect to your intuitive wisdom.

Wednesday, March 5th

Our Hearts

The heart emits an electromagnetic field that reaches out several feet away from your body, and changes according to your mood. Entering into a state of coherence with a focus on emotions like compassion and love can reach out to help others on an energetic level, benefiting those around us, including family, friends, coworkers, and even pets.

Wednesday, March 12th

The Global Heart

Every living being is connected. Science has shown how the earth’s magnetic field affects humans and other living organisms in profound ways, but can the opposite also be true? Can our collective intentions truly affect the earth’s environment? We’ll examine the current research and give it a try as we join the Global Coherence movement in meditation.

Investment: $90 ($75 for Blossom Yoga Studio Kula members or if registered by Friday, February 21st)

Click here to link to the Blossom Yoga Studio website where you can pre-register on-line.

Want to dive in early? Click here to watch this amazing video from heartmath.org