Yoga for Mental-Emotional Health + Spring Session = exciting changes!

Reclining Kitty Pose

Thanks to some amazing student feedback, I’ve made some changes to the structure of the class! First of all, I’ve taken some time to pick and choose what information – and which practices – are most important for students to experience over the course of the six weeks. I’ve come up with the following…

Week 1: Orienting, Grounding, and Centering – connecting to the present moment

Week 2: Karuna Compassion Practice – for you, your neighbor, and beyond

Week 3: Tapas – dedication to purposeful, regular practice, and how to set intentions

Week 4: Svadhyaya – developing deep awareness and extraordinary consciousness with Yoga Nidra (“yoga nap”)

Week 5: Ishvara Pranidhana – connecting to your highest Self

Week 6: Mudrasana Practice – “fake it till you make it” vs. taking the shape and becoming it

Each week will include a handout with a reading or YouTube video about the weekly theme, a simple and short home practice (not only asana practices), and a journaling prompt.

The class begins one week from today: Tuesday, March 26th at 7pm. Please email me at to register!

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